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Avoid the risk of a warning letter

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Privacy cloud

All-in-one GDPR package for your website and webshop.
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Agency Package

Make customer websites legally compliant and free them from legacy issues! Our team is working on the switch to free of charge. We ❤ agencies!

With legal web as your partner for the GDPR-compliant implementation of customer websites, you avoid the risk of warnings and claims for damages. Legal questions are answered competently. The topic of data protection is no longer dealt with in passing, but is consistently implemented in accordance with the current legal basis. Updates to legal texts and legal bases are applied automatically.

How it works

Onboarding meeting with our CTO/CLO

30-minute video call with a lawyer and technician to clarify requirements and procedure.

support with the transition

Our technical team will assist you with the conversion of the first websites and answer your questions immediately.

Free initial consultation for further legal questions with a lawyer from

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Attractive graduated prices for agencies!

Know-how & News

artifcal intelligence

The role of AI in GDPR compliance


With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its increasing use in various industries, it is becoming crucial for organizations to understand the role of AI in ensuring GDPR compliance.

Browser Fingerprinting and the GDPR


Browser fingerprinting is a technique used by websites and advertisers to track and identify a user’s device and online behavior based on information collected from their web browser. This information may include technical details about the device, software, and network, as well as user-specific information such as language preferences, time zone, and browsing history.

question mark

5 common GDPR myths debunked


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of regulations introduced by the European …

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Privacy Cloud – Features & facts

Central features


CMS Plugin: WordPress, Typo3, Drupal, Magento

Can be easily and flexibly integrated using JavaScript and CSS via CDN

Control of services & embeddings

Consent & revocation management

Content Blocker (YouTube, Maps, …)

Multidomain support – consent for subdomains or per subdomain

Quality & safety


Legally checked

Competent support for technology & law

Barrier-free according to WCAG 2.1 AA

Certified according to IAB TCF 2.2 & Google Advanced Consent Mode

No saving of personal data

Individual customization


Individual privacy policy

Various designs: popup, sidebar, bottom bar, …

Color customizable to your CI & integration of your logo in the cookie content



Languages: DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, HU, SE, NL

Translations for legal texts by sworn & certified court interpreters

Legal basis of the countries: AT, DE, CH, IT, FR, SE, NL

Preconfigured services & integrations

Individually expandable
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